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Axis Trio

The Axis Trio is pianist Amino Belyamani, bassist Sam Miniae and drummer and percussionist Qasim Naqvi. They met some years back during a casual musical recital, where after striking the first note it became clear that something unique and powerful had begun. Since then, the group has come to be recognized as a unique voice within the world of improvised music. Axis devours the lines between musical traditions, exploring a rich landscape of sound that traverses jazz, folk, chamber and rock forms; from Debussy and Shostakovich to Coltrane and Aphex Twin; from their respective cultural traditions of Morocco, Iran and Pakistan to downtown New York City. The members of Axis develop and write their music collectively, with a keen awareness of extending beyond.


Axis Trio: Anthem
CAT. #: ALP049
Broken beats, blips and a seemingly endless flora of digital timbres lay within the core of Axis's deep interplay as a trio of improvisers.

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"...a dramatic combination of Kid A-esque blips and sighs, romantic piano, crashing percussion and funky hyper bass -- a memorable and successful blend."
- Alana Harper, WNYC

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