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Black Acid Arkestra

Black Acid Arkestra is an avant-jazz collective that formed in Bloomington, Indiana. Led by Jake Cleveland (guitar, composition) and Alex Arnold (trumpet, composition, production), the group blends various forms of outsider music including free jazz, progressive rock and ambient synth-scapes. The group is releasing their first record, Sketches, on the experimental label Accretions in 2018. On Sketches, the tunes are fleshed out by veterans of the Bloomington jazz scene: Eric Arnold on rhodes keyboard, Charles (Chuck) Roldan on drumset, Quinn Sternberg on electric bass, and Rileaux Marx on alto saxophone.


Black Acid Arkestra: Sketches
CAT. #: ALP065
Textures such as effected trumpet, blistering sax solos, virtuosic bass lines, prog-rock guitar licks, classic rhodes keys and digital sampling all come together to create an other-worldly sound, a concise presentation of the weirder sides of jazz, simultaneously an homage to the past and a step into the future.

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