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Burning Bridges

In September 1987, they took first prize in radio station 91X's Battle of the California Originals, a thirteen-week event showcasing over forty groups. In so doing, they beat Drop Control whose leader Mike Keneally later joined Frank Zappa. In 1989, they entered the Rock Wars competition and lost to Bad Radio whose leader Eddie Vedder later joined Pearl Jam. The significance of these events continued to elude the members of Burning Bridges.

Andrew Vereen - vocals, guitars, keyboards, mandolin, flute, accordion, percussion
Cynthia Antillon - vocals, percussion
Don Story - guitars, vocals, percussion
Rick Nash - bass, percussion
Robert Montoya - percussion, drums
Marcos Fernandes - drums, vocals, percussion

Martin Doll - bass (1987 - 1990)
Kyle Martin - guitar (1987-1988)
Jamie Cunningham - percussion (1986 - 1988)
Matthew Pray - bass (1985 - 1987)
Bruce Maynes - sampler (1986)

In 1985, Burning Bridges was formed by veterans of the San Diego music scene: Andrew Vereen, Marcos Fernandes and Robert Montoya. After various personnel additions and changes, meanwhile making their mark on the local club circuit, the band settled on their line-up of six members in 1990. Their first single, Brand New Vision, was released in August 1986, and was immediately followed by Yayo, a dance tune reflecting their growing interest in African music. This theme was further explored on their two EP's released in December 1987 and April 1990, and re-released on a single CD, Burning Bridges, in '94.

n October 1992, Burning Bridges embarked on their tour of Japan to coincide with the release of their first full length album, From Benny's Tiki Room And Ammo Dump (ALP002). It was picked as a CMJ Jackpot: "Burning Bridges' music doesn't get too hung up in trying to stiffly replicate Afropop grooves, instead relying on innate musicality to loosely but effectively convey the same feeling as juju guitar or heady polyrhythmic percussion sections." The CD was also released in Europe under the German Hermann's label in late '93.

Burning Bridges' 1997 release, Feast of Fools (ALP009), was a collection of 16 songs ranging in style from African to Mid-Eastern, ambient to Caribbean, and Celtic to blues rock. Mostly written in the studio, it showcased their collective influences as well as their individual talents. Burning Bridges disbanded in 1998.


Various Artists: 30
CAT. #: ALP059
30 is a compilation featuring rare archival and early vinyl-only releases, previously unreleased recordings and previews of upcoming releases.

Burning Bridges: Feast of Fools
CAT. #: ALP009
Feast of Fools is the third album from the San Diego based worldbeat group Burning Bridges. Sixteen tunes ranging from African to Mid-Eastern, ambient to Carribean and Celtic to bluesrock make up their newest global exploration.

Burning Bridges: Burning Bridges
CAT. #: ALP002
""Burning Bridges" combines the group's two eps, the 1987 cassette and 1990 vinyl releases, on a single cd.

Burning Bridges: From Benny's Tiki Room and Ammo Dump
CAT. #: ALP001
"Burning Bridges" is the second release by this rock/world beat group from San Diego. Their second album has been compared to certain elements of Talking Heads and Santana.

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"Burning Bridges stand at a demonstrable distance from their more visible peers... (their) music is full of globe-trotting nuances, inspirations and references. And it is precisely this cultural cross-pollination that makes them so thoroughly fascinating and entertaining."
- San Diego Reader

"Burning Bridges' music doesn't get too hung up in trying to stiffly replicate Afropop grooves, instead relying on innate musicality to loosely but effectively convey the same feelings as juju guitar or heady polyrhythmic percussion sections."
- CMJ Jackpot!

"'World beat' is almost too constrictive a concept to contain this San Diego band's global goulash of rhythms and instrumentation"
- San Diego Union Tribune