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Marcelo Radulovich

Marcelo Radulovich is a Chilean-born artist. His interests revolve around composition / production in both, audio and visual arts.

His latest production, HELLO, showcases audio, visuals, literature, live performance, and introduces the legend of TITICACAMAN: Instrument maker, ignorant scientist. Composed of looped voice and samples, ruled by infectious essence shrouded in mystery, HELLO is uplifting and one of a kind.

Radulovich is a multi-instrumentalist, who began exploring music at age 14. He performed in, and wrote for original music bands around San Diego and LA, most notably Playground Slap (1983-1988), and Merry Go Down (1989-1991). He has been writing and recording music, usually playing all the instruments himself, since 1980. He has produced several CDs under his name, as well as numerous collaborations through the Accretions label, based in San Diego and run by Marcos Fernandes, with whom Radulovich has worked on many projects.

Radulovich is a founding member of the Trummerflora Collective, an independent group of music makers dedicated to experimental and improvisational music. He is also founder of the Yahoo group Phonography, and creator of, both dedicated to field recordings.

Radulovich has performed and/or collaborated with members of the Trummerflora Collective, legendary early 80's punk band, The Assholes, George Lewis, Lê Quan Ninh, Mike Keneally, Jonathan Glasier, Lisle Ellis, Michael Dessen, and Bostich, among others. He has played in various cities of the U.S., in Mexico, Holland, and most recently toured Japan.


Quibble: Quibble
CAT. #: ALP062
Quibble displays their aggressive brand of electronic improvisation in these recordings unearthed from the archives.

Various Artists: 25
CAT. #: ALP050
Celebrating 25 Years of Sonic Explorations.

Available now for only $5.00 from our online store!

Trummerflora: Rubble 2
CAT. #: A/C-202
Twelve new tracks from Trummerflora, the experimental music collective, offer a taste of the diverse musical landscape these artists inhabit.

Trummerflora: Rubble 1
CAT. #: A/C-201
A compilation featuring works by various members and ensembles of the Trummerflora Collective.

Frontier Life: Banda Sonora
CAT. #: ALP031
Original music from the documentary film, featuring experimental electronics from members of Nortec Collective and Trummerflora Collective.

Marcelo Radulovich: HELLO
CAT. #: ALP029
Radulovich's latest production, HELLO, showcases audio, visuals, literature, live performance, and introduces the legend of TITICACAMAN.

Marcelo Radulovich: (case of the missing) THUMB
CAT. #: ALP023
(case of the missing) THUMB was assembled using mainly phonographies, or field recordings, and treated tapes of analog synth pieces. The 43-minute blend bends and reshapes itself through painterly textures, and recurring sounds and events like flowing water and small, explosive movements. This merge of spaces and time periods plus a well chosen palette of electronics and instrumentation, creates a captivating experience.

The Trummerflora Collective: No Stars Please
CAT. #: ALP022
A collection of live concert recordings featuring a capricious roster of performers, including Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Damon Holzborn, Nathan Hubbard, Robert Montoya, Marcelo Radulovich and Jason Robinson, with guest appearances by George Lewis, Lê Quan Ninh, Mike Keneally and Ellen Weller.

Marcelo Radulovich/Marcos Fernandes: The Whisper Chipper
CAT. #: ALP018
The Whisper Chipper is an improvisation piece based on Radulovich's field recording of a chipper/shredder. In this ambient noise piece, the field recording is run through multiple effects and eq-ed in real time to create shifting delay loops. With the addition of tamboura box (an analog drone generator), treated guitars and radio the results are at times ambient and at times thunderous.

The packaging features artwork by New York writer/artist/musician Joel Smith printed on handmade hemp thread paper and comes complete with a hand-picked twig.

...and the reindeer you rode in on
CAT. #: ALP016
Presenting several of your seasonal favorites, plus a few originals to brighten up your holidays, "...and the reindeer you rode in on" offers Xperimental Xmas music from Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Damon Holzborn, Robert Montoya and Marcelo Radulovich.

Available now for only $5.00 from our online store!

Marcelo Radulovich: 2 Brains
CAT. #: ALP017
Marcelo Radulovich's third album, "2 Brains" is a special two CD set. The first disc contains studio recordings of pieces composed, arranged and often all performed by the artist. The second disc is a collection of sound art pieces constructed from field recordings made by the artist over the past several years. A great deal of this work was also recorded in Holland where he lived and collaborated with various artists. It showcases Marcelo Radulovich's multi-instrumental, multifaceted and multicultural approach to music or more precisely, manipulation of sound.

Marcelo Radulovich: To Lilliput & Back volume one
CAT. #: ALP007
Marcelo Radulovich followed up his acclaimed first album with "To Lilliput & Back volume one," an album composed mostly of 4-track demos and other home projects. From his trademark funk grooves and sampled constructions (or are they deconstructions?) to ambient excursions, it is packed full of Marcelo's magical musical musings.

Marcelo Radulovich: Marcelo Radulovich
CAT. #: ALP003
Marcelo Radulovich made his solo debut on Accretions with this eponymous release, an album showcasing his versatility with its alternative blend of funk, jazz, rock, techno and everything in between.

Wormhole Effect: The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer
CAT. #: ALP013
Wormhole Effect presents The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer, a special limited edition release that is both an entertaining and educational account, in two parts, of their explorations into the nature of space/time.

Wormhole Effect: Wormhole Effect
CAT. #: ALP010
Wormhole Effect is the self-titled debut CD from this percussion-based experimental group. The 14 song disc offers a mixture of improvised and composed pieces that range in style from ambient to rock to trance to jazz.

Various Artists: Trummerflora 2
CAT. #: ALP012
The second in a series, this compilation once again showcases some of the most innovative San Diego-area artists.

Various Artists: Trummerflora
CAT. #: ALP004
A CD compilation of four San Diego-based experimental groups: Z. O. Voider, Ultra 7, Wormhole & Dodecaphonic. Produced by Marcos Fernandes and Marcelo Radulovich.

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"... the world would be FAR better for, or better with or by or...whatever the preposition...'twould be leaps and bounds better if this stuff got PLAYED IN PUBLIC PLACES... "
- Richard Meltzer, SD Reader

"Just when music seems to have hit an originality roadblock, along comes a musician like Marcelo Radulovich."
-- The Scene

"...wonderful stuff"
- John Zorn

"Marcelo's studio work uses samples in a most creative way... his textures and his grooves just hit my soul hard... I've been a huge fan of Marcelo's for about a decade now."
- Mike Keneally, Musician (Beer For Dolphins, Z, Frank Zappa)

"...prolific ambient musician..."
- Julene Snyder, San Diego Reader

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