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Marcos Fernandes

A native of Yokohama, Japan, Marcos Fernandes spent over three decades in California as performer, producer and curator. He has performed in the US, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong and Japan as a solo improviser, phonographer and as percussionist/sound artist with various ensembles, dancers and visual artists. Fernandes' work can be heard on over 50 recordings on Accretions, Bake/Staalplaat, Circumvention, Pax, Pfmentum,, Public Eyesore, Solitary B and others.


The Argonauts: Proxima b
CAT. #: ALP064
An EP featuring 3 spontaneous compositions that capture the more adventurous side of The Argonauts' live perforemances which often feature extended improvisational excursions into prog and space rock.

The Argonauts: Here Come The Argonauts!
CAT. #: ALP063
Surf, dub and psychedelic rock provide the springboard for The Argonauts' sometimes bluesy, sometimes funky but always spontaneous and adventurous post rock blend.

Various Artists: 30
CAT. #: ALP059
30 is a compilation featuring rare archival and early vinyl-only releases, previously unreleased recordings and previews of upcoming releases.

Melt: Pure Melt
CAT. #: ALP057
Melt, the trio of guitarist Takashi Ueno (Tenniscoats), bassist Jyoji Sawada (Choro Club) and drummer Marcos Fernandes, create a distinctive sound often fueled by driving rhythms and rich harmonies informed by rock, techno, improvisation and world musics.

Hans Fjellestad: Sounding the Space DVD
CAT. #: AVD002
Percussionist Marcos Fernandes reconnects with his homeland by staging elaborate concerts in four historical buildings designed by his grandfather Uheiji Nagano (1867-1937) in Japan.

Various Artists: 25
CAT. #: ALP050
Celebrating 25 Years of Sonic Explorations.

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Marcos Fernandes, Bill Horist: Jerks and Creeps
CAT. #: ALP046
Horist's extended guitar wizardry and Fernandes' processed field recordings combine and collide with each other, constantly transforming like some primordial sonic soup.

Marcos Fernandes, Mike Pride: a mountain is a mammal
CAT. #: ALP042
Marcos Fernandes (California) and Mike Pride (New York) are two drummers. They met one rainy night in Tokyo and days upon days later recorded their percussive dialogues one sunny afternoon in New York City.

Trummerflora: Rubble 2
CAT. #: A/C-202
Twelve new tracks from Trummerflora, the experimental music collective, offer a taste of the diverse musical landscape these artists inhabit.

Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Haco, Jakob Riis: Haco Hans Jakob Marcos
CAT. #: ALP040
Four intrepid musicians from different parts of the globe find themselves together in a Tijuana recording studio, inventing a new blend of organic and artificial sound stuff.

Trummerflora: Rubble 1
CAT. #: A/C-201
A compilation featuring works by various members and ensembles of the Trummerflora Collective.

The Phonographers Union: Live on Sonarchy Radio
CAT. #: ALP033
Nine phonographers, or field recordists, armed with cd players, md players and a laptop, perform two sets of improvisations utilizing their various field captures.

Frontier Life: Banda Sonora
CAT. #: ALP031
Original music from the documentary film, featuring experimental electronics from members of Nortec Collective and Trummerflora Collective.

Marcos Fernandes: Hybrid Vigor
CAT. #: ALP027
On Hybrid Vigor, percussionist/improviser Marcos Fernandes presents a collection of globally informed pieces reflecting his multicultural identity and a continuing fascination with musical cross-fertilization.

The Trummerflora Collective: No Stars Please
CAT. #: ALP022
A collection of live concert recordings featuring a capricious roster of performers, including Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Damon Holzborn, Nathan Hubbard, Robert Montoya, Marcelo Radulovich and Jason Robinson, with guest appearances by George Lewis, Lê Quan Ninh, Mike Keneally and Ellen Weller.

Marcelo Radulovich/Marcos Fernandes: The Whisper Chipper
CAT. #: ALP018
The Whisper Chipper is an improvisation piece based on Radulovich's field recording of a chipper/shredder. In this ambient noise piece, the field recording is run through multiple effects and eq-ed in real time to create shifting delay loops. With the addition of tamboura box (an analog drone generator), treated guitars and radio the results are at times ambient and at times thunderous.

The packaging features artwork by New York writer/artist/musician Joel Smith printed on handmade hemp thread paper and comes complete with a hand-picked twig.

...and the reindeer you rode in on
CAT. #: ALP016
Presenting several of your seasonal favorites, plus a few originals to brighten up your holidays, "...and the reindeer you rode in on" offers Xperimental Xmas music from Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Damon Holzborn, Robert Montoya and Marcelo Radulovich.

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Wormhole Effect: The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer
CAT. #: ALP013
Wormhole Effect presents The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer, a special limited edition release that is both an entertaining and educational account, in two parts, of their explorations into the nature of space/time.

Wormhole Effect: Wormhole Effect
CAT. #: ALP010
Wormhole Effect is the self-titled debut CD from this percussion-based experimental group. The 14 song disc offers a mixture of improvised and composed pieces that range in style from ambient to rock to trance to jazz.

Burning Bridges: Feast of Fools
CAT. #: ALP009
Feast of Fools is the third album from the San Diego based worldbeat group Burning Bridges. Sixteen tunes ranging from African to Mid-Eastern, ambient to Carribean and Celtic to bluesrock make up their newest global exploration.

Burning Bridges: Burning Bridges
CAT. #: ALP002
""Burning Bridges" combines the group's two eps, the 1987 cassette and 1990 vinyl releases, on a single cd.

Burning Bridges: From Benny's Tiki Room and Ammo Dump
CAT. #: ALP001
"Burning Bridges" is the second release by this rock/world beat group from San Diego. Their second album has been compared to certain elements of Talking Heads and Santana.

Various Artists: Trummerflora 2
CAT. #: ALP012
The second in a series, this compilation once again showcases some of the most innovative San Diego-area artists.

Various Artists: Trummerflora
CAT. #: ALP004
A CD compilation of four San Diego-based experimental groups: Z. O. Voider, Ultra 7, Wormhole & Dodecaphonic. Produced by Marcos Fernandes and Marcelo Radulovich.

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photo: Ryoichi Aratani

"Combining edited tapes of found sounds with digital noise, percussion and slight, angular jazzy moods, Fernandes conjures up a world caught between the old and the new, the magic and the logic, the organic and the electronic."
- Stein Haukland, Ink 19 (US)

"East and West meet, not in a clashing way, but in a very enjoined, compatible form. The music has rhythm throughout and respectfully pays homage to multiple cultures."
- Frank Rubolino, One Final Note (US)

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