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Nazo Zakkak

Coming from an improvisation infused background steeped in jazz, drone metal and experimental sounds, Nazo Zakkak is forging a new music which, in taking aim at the distinctions between improvisation and composition, is firmly rooted in expressing each performer's unique creative voice. Having been improvising at the piano since age seven, Nazo has developed a mature style of piano performance, a facet of which he explores on his debut album, a pause by any other name,.

Nazo has an MFA in composition from UC Irvine where he studied with Kei Akagi, and has most recently performed with composer/bassist Lisle Ellis both nationally and abroad. He currently teaches at St. Katherine College.


Nazo Zakkak: a pause by any other name
CAT. #: ALP055
A wholly unique album both in the fields of piano music and ambient music, a pause attempts to expand the definition of what we consider to be beautiful piano music.

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"Working from within a long honored minimalist tradition...Zakkak offers compositions and performances that are meditative, moving, heart-opening."
- Scott Cairns

" A clear, concise and yet warmly compelling statement from a young master..."
- Lisle Ellis

"...a world of hints and suggestions where open-ended invitations weave warm tapestries of quiet expectations. This is hypnotic listening music of the first order."
- Kei Akagi