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The Phonographers Union

About the Artists:

Steve Barsotti is a sound artist and educator who lives in Seattle. His work includes studio based explorations of sound for radio broadcast, site specific sound installation, improvisation on electrical/ acoustical instruments and sound as an integral part of performance. He has had his work played on radio and has performed live in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Christopher DeLaurenti is chiefly known for melding his front-line field recordings into the soundscape composition "N30: Live at the WTO Protest, November 30, 1999." Incorporating murky atmospheres, unusual field recordings, everyday speech, and an array of instruments deployed in maniacal recombinant polyphony, Christopher's sound work resides at

Marcos Fernandes (percussionist/improviser/ phonographer) has long been active in the creative music scene as performer, producer and curator. A founding member of the Trummerflora Collective, Fernandes runs the artist-based label Accretions.

Mark Griswold is a sound recordist who works in documentary film and network news. As a result, he often finds himself in unusual situations. While many people who find themselves in unusual situations remark "I wish I had a camera", Mark is often looking the other way and wishing he had a tape recorder.

Alex Keller creates work in different media, including field recording, sound design, performance, and digital media. Current projects include co-curating the first phonography broadcast series in Austin, Texas with Bill Thompson, and a sound installation called Encantada involving contact microphones, ice, rocks, and time..

Dale Lloyd is an American sound artist based in Seattle, Washington, who curates the and/OAR recording label (devoted to field recording and various kinds of sound work using field recordings) and produces compilations for

Perri Lynch is a seattle-based artist. her work focuses on the relationship between human perception and sense of place. issues of navigation, intuition and physical proximity are key components of her investigations.

Robert Millis has been recording and collecting sounds both at home and abroad for many years. With Climax Golden Twins, he has released numerous CDs, records, soundtracks and scores. Recent projects include Nat Pwe: Burma's Carnival of Spirit Soul, a DVD release (Sublime Frequencies) and Leaf Music, Drunks and Distant Drums, a CD of field recordings from SE Asia (Anomalous).

Toby Paddock is a sound tinkerer who - like everyone else - lives in a unique sonic environment. He uses inexpensive microphones, magnetic pickup coils, and contact mics to capture bits of his and makes his friends listen to them. Typical sounds are backyard nature, light industrial, stray magnetic fields, and casual binaural experiments.

About the Producer:

Doug Haire is a producer/recording engineer working out of Seattle since 1985. He is primarily associated with new music and sound art and has production credits on over 150 recordings as of 2003. Work released under his name is based on location recordings and is available through Anomalous Records.


The Phonographers Union: Live on Sonarchy Radio
CAT. #: ALP033
Nine phonographers, or field recordists, armed with cd players, md players and a laptop, perform two sets of improvisations utilizing their various field captures.

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"...every sound source appears and disappears with finesse, allowing our listening mind to follow the conjunctive trail of ideas and sounds without any intrusions of hard, unbalanced signals. I love hearing so many people improvise using nothing but the best samples of what they've collected from the-world-as-it-exists-through-microphones."
- Andrew Choate, Signal To Noise

"This group, more than most field recordists, seems particularly interested in using recordings as a vehicle for improvisation. Rather than creating their own sounds in real time to blend with the contributions of the others, these musicians are placing pre-recorded sounds into the constantly shifting contexts created by their peers. Each new addition subtly shifts the ongoing dialogue, taking it to new places as the layers add up to a powerful and cohesive whole."
- Ed Howard, Grooves

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