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Santiago Latorre

Santiago Latorre is a musician and sound engineer who lives and works in Barcelona.

At the age of 11 he began to play sax and a few years later, he started electronic engineering. These two parallel interests led to the development of his Sonification of the Human Genome, the project that marked the beginning of Santiago's fascination with musical experimentation and new sounds.

He has composed music for dance, theatre, fashion and videoart including the contemporary dance piece PIEL, the play Radio- Patera and the video projects Fünf, On the terrace and Sobrevive, in collaboration with Ivonne Dippmann.

In 2005 he started working on his personal projects, searching for cyclical structures, surrounding melodies and subtle textures. He used layers of sax, accordion, piano, voice and synthesised sounds to progressively construct and deconstruct the tracks. This work is now compiled in Órbita, his debut album (Accretions, November 08).

Santiago Latorre has performed in several festivals and clubs around Spain SONAR, LEM, La noche en blanco de Madrid, Festival de músicas de verano de Ponferrada, Heliogabal...) and has toured in south-east China, collaborating with Hong- Kong based artist Dickson Dee.

He is the house engineer at Grabaciones Silvestres, one of the leading recording studios in Spain.


Santiago Latorre: Eclíptica
CAT. #: ALP054
Santiago Latorre uses voice, saxophone and electronics to break you free of gravity, make you float and take you on a trip around the Cosmos.

Various Artists: 25
CAT. #: ALP050
Celebrating 25 Years of Sonic Explorations.

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Santiago Latorre: Órbita
CAT. #: ALP047
Latorre uses layers of sax, accordion, piano, voice and synthesised sounds to progressively construct and deconstruct his pieces.

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"The absolute sublimation of many genres...His music seems to have emerged from a magma of dreams and spectra where nothing is set and at the same time everything becomes unequivocally evocative..."
- Colectivo gurrumio

"A misty and minimalistic sound. A whisper away from everything. An electronic wonder under a classical mantle."
- NOLOVE recordings

"Songs where silence is as important as sound. Santiago makes us shudder and sometimes paralyzes us with his restrained beautyÉ A huge album, immense."
- La nadadora

"Stuttering, processed saxophone sounds, bouncing off and on, forming loops...nice late night, jazz inspired music."
- Vital Weekly

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