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Z.O. Voider

Z.O. Voider has engaged in the off-world zone of performance art and experimental music for the past two decades in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Francisco. The Z.O. Voider project applies a unique sonic experience to dance, theatre, multimedia events and as soundtracks to video, film, animation, computer games, documentary and instructional materials.

The crew of the Z.O. Voider Vehicle assists with additional percussion, treated wind and string instruments, and other sound devices. The creative expression of energy ranges from industrial to tribal, experimental to avant-garde, mysterious to surreal, minimalistic to abstract, ambiance to kinetic trance.


Z.O. Voider: Travelogue
CAT. #: ALP006
The basis of this experimental music is the 20th Century Artifacts Sound Station. Z.O. Voider has utilized found historical electronic devices, pieces of machinery, and items of a past world to construct a sonic generator to alter and manipulate time, space, energy, and matter.

Various Artists: Trummerflora
CAT. #: ALP004
A CD compilation of four San Diego-based experimental groups: Z. O. Voider, Ultra 7, Wormhole & Dodecaphonic. Produced by Marcos Fernandes and Marcelo Radulovich.

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"...a sound that is spacey and primitive at the same time."
-Tami Rapozo, San Diego Union Tribune

"It is unearthly, mesmerizing weirdness."
-Julene Snyder, San Diego Reader

"Hats off to Z.O. Voider for being the most original act this musical universe has glimpsed in years."
-Revolt In Style

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