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Dawn of Midi

CAT. #: ALP048

Composed, arranged and produced by Dawn of Midi.

Dawn of Midi is a collective made up of Pakistani percussionist Qasim Naqvi, Indian contrabassist Aakaash Israni and Moroccan pianist Amino Belyamani. This jagged, lyrical, explosive and sometimes silent debut recording resonates within the contours of many musical fronts. As a purely improvised work of complete takes, First is a testament to the power of pure acoustic music: the timbral possibilities of wood and metal and the enchanted course of spontaneous composition, from thought to action to air and silence. Captured in pristine fidelity by recording engineer and audio-didact Steve Rusch, Dawn of Midi's debut recording is a beautifully warped example of what a piano trio can do.

Dawn of Midi makes Top 3 in's "Best Piano Albums of the Year"

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Track Listing and Audio Clips

Phases in Blue
Laura Lee
Civilization of Mud and Amber
The Floor
Tale of Two Worlds
Hindu Pedagogy
No Abhor
In Between

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"A truly beautiful album, a sort of tranquil mastery..."
- Noël Tachet, Improjazz Magazine

"'s a sheer delight from beginning to end. Wonderful free lyricism and suspense at the same time... Dawn of Midi is something else."
- Stef Gijssels, Free Jazz

"A fine record of inspired improvisation... Could this CD be an unsuspected gem?"
- François Couture, Monsieur Délire

" extraordinarily subtle sound architecture... A remarkable band, a remarkable album that not only fans of the improvisation scene will take to heart."
- Volkmar Mantei, Ragazzi Music

"Listeners searching for rich, post-Bley jazz would do well to check this out."
- Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

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