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The Phonographers Union
"Live on Sonarchy Radio"

CAT. #: ALP033

Featuring Steve Barsotti, Christopher DeLaurenti, Marcos Fernandes, Mark Griswold, Alex Keller, Dale Lloyd, Perri Lynch, Robert Millis, Toby Paddock

Produced and engineered by Doug Haire at Jackstraw Productions. Executive Producer: Marcos Fernandes

The Phonographers Union Live on Sonarchy Radio documents the live "on the air" performance by members of the Seattle Phonographers Union and guest Marcos Fernandes. The nine phonographers, or field recordists, armed with cd players, md players and a laptop, performed two sets of improvisations utilizing their various field captures. In the context of this improvisation, the only parameter set was that the artists use 'straight-up' field recordings, meaning un treated source material except for some equalozation, filtering and/or compression. Both pieces are presented here in their entirety without any edits, revealing the sensitive interactions of the improvisers as they create a continuously evolving series of 'possible spaces.' The performance was engineered and produced by Doug Haire at Jackstraw Productions in Seattle, Washington on April 12, 2003.

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"More free-form and easy-flowing than musique concr¸te, much more concrete than experimental electronica, this music speaks to the mind and the soul, as some of these sounds are very familiar, but their combinations evoke surreal situations. Since there are too many details, too many events to possibly absorb and remember everything in one sitting, each listen provides a different experience. And even people usually closed to avant-garde music will be able to sense the poetry and the immediacy of this album. Highly recommended as a key statement in the development of "field recording" or "phonography" as a form of sound art."
- Fran¨ois Couture, All Music Guide

"Presented in its entirety, their set on Sonarchy Radio, a weekly hour-long show devoted to new a work of gentle concentration. The resultant interplay between the various 'captures' displays an agreeable subtlety and sensitivity in its shifts of focus and range. Impossible to reduce to any kind of linear development or narrative, it reveals a bustling acoustic realm existing just outside our senses that deserves to be attended to."
- Ken Hollings, The Wire

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