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Jason Robinson

CAT. #: ALP025

Reedist/improviser/composer Jason Robinson pulls together an assorted cast of influential figures on this conceptual "duo" release - trombonist George Lewis, bassist Peter Kowald, pianist Anthony Davis, Marcelo Radulovich, Hans Fjellestad, and others. Creating collaborative dialogues with his musical partners, Robinson blurs traditional music boundaries and floats easily between jazz, ambient, electronic and experimental soundscapes. In Robinson's words, "this recording attempts to prove a modest point - that the 'duo' is a floating signifier, a word without a fixed meaning."

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"Jason Robinson is prolific almost to a fault. Provocative and rewarding, "Tandem" makes it clear that Robinson's artistic evolution should be most fruitful."
- George Varga, San Diego Union Tribune

"Robinson's special gift is an emotional intensity that keeps things at the boiling point."
- Jazz Now Magazine

"Robinson plays his tenor with singes of fire." - Cadence Magazine

"Long gone are the days when things West Coast were considered pallid in relation to anything East Coast, and for any of the doubters out there, here's the proof positive."
- Coda Magazine

"...he established brave, new music."
- SCAM (Sonoma County Arts and Media) Magazine

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