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Various Artists
"Trummerflora 2"

CAT. #: ALP012

This is the follow-up to the first Trummerflora, released in 1995, which is about the time I encountered Hirsch and Abel Ashes at the Wikiup Cafe and Intersection Gallery where a lot of San Diego's experimental artists used to perform. The physical space may be gone, but the seeds that were then planted now bear fruit in this sequel augmented by other flora that have since emerged. The aforementioned artists' resilience is finally rewarded while Ultra 7 makes a return appearance. Marcelo Radulovich is consistently versatile and new discoveries such as hans and damon (now Donkey), 5/5/2000, Marty's Sexual Organs and Upsilon Acrux never cease to surprise and delight as they enhance the sonic landscape. I invite you to sit back and enjoy the assembled experimenters who present a vision at once unique yet unified in their common pursuit: the exploration of sound.
- Marcos Fernandes, 1998

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"...the kind of weirdness I've come to expect from the SD area...check this stuff out."
- Larry Kaye, Carbon 14

"...a fascinating look at musicians at work...each presenting a different sound and exploring an array of musical genres... "
- Michael Haskins, The San Diego Review

"The set is quite a rollercoaster of mood, methods and madness from the opening guitar to the closing long ambience...this album is excellent, and it is never less than intriguing, and recommended."
- Jeremy Keens, Ampersand Etc.

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