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Marcelo Radulovich/Marcos Fernandes
"The Whisper Chipper"

CAT.#: ALP018

Produced by Marcelo Radulovich and Marcos Fernandes.

Multi-instrumentalists Marcelo Radulovich and Marcos Fernandes began their musical collaborations in 1993 producing numerous recordings for the artist-based Accretions label. The Whisper Chipper is their newest improvisation piece based on Radulovich's field recording of a chipper/shredder. In this ambient noise piece, the field recording is run through multiple effects and eq-ed in real time to create shifting delay loops. With the addition of tamboura box (an analog drone generator), treated guitars and radio the results are at times ambient and at times thunderous.

Recorded at Radulovich's Titicacaman Studios, the packaging features artwork by New York writer/artist/musician Joel Smith printed on hand-made hemp thread paper and comes complete with a hand-picked twig.

The duo has performed the piece at the recent Big Sur Experimental Music Festival, the Sonic Arts Gallery (San Diego), Holly Matter Modern Art Gallery (LA) and toured the west coast in the fall of 2001.

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"Through all the frail webs created by the duo, they keep the improvisational element intact."
- Curtis Glotter, San Diego New Music

" verges between random noise and subtly manipulated sounds, with the weight definitely towards the second, swaying between periods of quiet beauty and aggression. It is edge music - both to the listener and the creator - which is intense in its demands, and it repays through its complex and constantly shifting sounds which seduce you into its noise heart."
- Jeremy Keens, Ampersand etc.

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