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Barefoot Hockey Goalie - Darius
"This is the oddest album of 1995, hands down."
- Larry Kaye, Carbon 14
Barefoot Hockey Goalie - Fediks Butcher Shop
"This is crazy, unexpected and a whole lotta fun in a very twisted way."
- Jason Plender, Ink 19
Burning Bridges - Burning Bridges
" unqualified tour-de-force from a band whose opulent layers of sound command immediate attention."
- Buddy Seigal, San Diego Union Tribune
Burning Bridges - From Benny's Tiki Room and Ammo Dump
"...fuse several African guitar styles and minor-key Middle Eastern-isms with a hard-rocking, bluesy attack."
- Tom Cheyney, Billboard Magazine
Burning Bridges - Feast of Fools
"...tasty stew of various worldly styles."
- j poet, Rhythm Music
Ryan Choi - Three Dancers
"Choi works the margins with challenging, interesting and sometimes mathematically complex original compositions and playing...but his work can be highly approachable."
- Tim Owen, Dalston Sound
Dalaba Frith Glick Rieman Kihlstedt
"Each player knew the others, so this first performance cuts straight to the chase. A beautiful level of understanding is established from the start."
- François Couture, All Music Guide
Dawn of Midi - First
"Improvisationally gifted musicians with chemistry, the cats can play."
- Mark Dresser
Donkey - Big Sur
- Rigo Dittman, Bad Alchemy
Donkey - Show
"...a new sonic horizon, and booga to the "oh, electronic music! It's so Cold! so Unfeeling! Waah!" crowd, the excitement that the interchange of creativity and challenge these two are engaged in fairly leaps into your ear."
- Mike Zimbouski, Signal to Noise
Donkey - Stone
"Donkey nurture the spontaneity, the improvisation, the need to force out some fresh abomination, that marks the best of the scene."
- The Wire
Marcos Fernandes - Hybrid Vigor
"...a fabulous album - probably the most impressive showcase of the varied talents of the collective and of Fernandes compositional and creative skills."
- Jeremy Keens, Ampersand, etc.
Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Haco, Jakob Riis - Haco Hans Jakob Marcos
"But in a time very far from now, your children's children's children's children will play this record in whatever format the future will come up with and think to themselves: 'This is the coolest thing we've ever heard!'"
- Tobias Fischer,Tokafi
Marcos Fernandes, Bill Horist - Jerks and Creeps
"Hums and zings, mumbles and moans, radios and unrecognizable timbres, at times reaching unexpected apexes of incongruent beauty."
- Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes
Marcos Fernandes, Mike Pride - a mountain is a mammal
"...pieces ranging from minimalism, to maximalism, to drumisms to harsh electronic noise."
- Downtown Music Gallery
Scott Fields Ensemble - this that
"Fields is a thoughtful and probing composer, again often bring to mind the late Eric Dolphy in his choice of wide intervals and corduroy rhythms."
- CarlBaugher, Cadence Magazine
Hans Fjellestad - Sounding the Space DVD
"...assorted elements and shifting camera angles evoke multiple points of view - visually, sonically and conceptually - from which to witness encounters of tradition with innovation, West with East, the city with rural tranquility and art with the practices of everyday life."
- Julian Cowley, The Wire
Hans Fjellestad - Snails R Sexy
"This shit will literally take your easy chair for a roller-coaster ride."
- Greg Burk,
Hans Fjellestad - Kobe Live House
"Fjellestad brings a spontaneity to the album's seven untitled pieces that is as risky as it is laudable. Sounds are stretched, spliced and assembled with a rationale that's born of an improvising spirit."
- Louise Gray, The Wire
Hans Fjellestad - 33
" innovative musician whose creativity emerges through his internal perspective as well as from the annexation of external factors."
- Frank Rubolino, All About Jazz
Hans Fjellestad - Red Sauce Baby
"Red Sauce Baby is an exercise in unbridled sonic freedom... raw, almost shamanic energy that embodies the true essence of unrestricted music."
- Paul Sullivan, XLR8R
Frontier Life - Banda Sonora
" innovative and intriguing collection of tunes..."
- Paul Sullivan,
Eric Glick Rieman - ten to the googolplex
"No "quiet storm" here ...the tines sprout tentacles, sounding a forest of inharmonicity."
- Chris Brown, Assoc. Prof. of Music and Co-Director, Center for Contemporary Music (CCM) Mills College
Eric Glick Rieman - In My Mind, Her Image Was Reversed
"It's fascinating, sweet, original and truly unique."
- François Couture, Monsieur Delire
Damon Holzborn - Adams & Bancroft
"...the open space provides a wide arena to discover the color and mood of Holzborn's misshapen punctuation-..."
- Christopher R Weingarten, CMJ
Bill Horist - Lyric/Suite
"Lyric/Suite may not be the most representative item in Horist's discography, but it stands as one of the truly good albums of non-ambient multi-tracked solo guitars..."
- François Couture, All Music Guide
Nathan Hubbard - Blind Orchid
"A drum may still be a drum, but with Nathan Hubbard, it sounds surprisingly fresh."
- Tobias Fischer, Tokafi
Santiago Latorre - Órbita
"A mix of elegant jazz and gentle electronica..."
- Abi Bliss, plan b
Less Pain Forever - I Know What It's Like To Want To Dance
"The new Less Pain Forever record is a musical journey through wacky pop that provides a great escape from the mundane and ordinary."
- Nicki Escudero, Arizona Republic
Robert Montoya - robert m
"... Evoking Autechre and other denizens of the Wartp stable, file these epic long-form compositions (one clocka in at over 14-minutes) under uneasy listening"
- Alison Story, URB
Melt - Pure Melt
"Debut release per il trio giapponese Melt, all'insegna di una creatività libera e senza restrizioni."
- Marco Carcasi, Kathodik
The Phonographers Union - Live on Sonarchy Radio
"More free-form and easy-flowing than musique concrète, much more concrete than experimental electronica, this music speaks to the mind and the soul..."
- François Couture, All Music Guide
Joscha Oetz - Vieles Ist Eins
"Abstract, challenging improv without all the egotistical onanism."
- Wreck This MeSS, Radio 100, Amsterdam
Oetz/Wagner/Stuart - Permanent Flow
"Plenty of intensity on exhibition here without threatening anyone's earpans with displays of machismo. You can't dance to it, but all the same, it kind of grooves."
- Molly Sheridan, newmusicbox
Marcelo Radulovich - 2 Brains
"...a wonderful noisey, complex demented album brimming with ideas..."
- Jeremy Keens, Ampersand Etcetera
Marcelo Radulovich - (case of the missing) THUMB
"Just when music seems to have hit an originality roadblock, along comes a musician like Marcelo Radulovich."
- The Scene
Marcelo Radulovich - HELLO
"What it sounds like is a highly hallucinatory, constantly shifting sound collage of noise, found sounds, instrumental and vocal improvisations, percussion, turntables, and more."
- George Parsons, Dream Magazine
Marcelo Radulovich/Marcos Fernandes - The Whisper Chipper
"It is edge music - both to the listener and the creator - which is intense in its demands, and it repays through its complex and constantly shifting sounds which seduce you into its noise heart."
- Jeremy Keens, Ampersand etc.
Jason Robinson - Tandem
"Robinson's special gift is an emotional intensity that keeps things at the boiling point."
- Jazz Now Magazine
Santo Subito - Xavier
"Parallel lines of tone sway fractionally in and out of proximity, sparking off shuddering dissonances. The organic timbres of the instruments acquire an eerie glow and the results are stunning: a warm, luminescent chamber music."
- Sam Davies, The Wire
The Trummerflora Collective - No Stars Please
"... if you like improvisedmusic, free-jazz or noise art, and like your musical boundaries challenged,this is...for you."
- Bart Mendoza, San Diego Union-Tribune
Trummerflora - Rubble 1
"If you're looking for great experimental variety & something that isn't boring, this comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."
- Rotcod Zzaj, Improvisation Nation
Trummerflora - Rubble 2
"The wealth of sounds on offer on Rubble 2 - and the palpable joy in their execution - makes for a highly rewarding, and welcomely unpretentious, collection. "
- Joshua Meggitt, Grooves
Various Artists - 25
"I love it when compilations turn me on to good bands I haven't heard of before. That is usually a crapshoot for most comps, but Accretions' 25-year celebration set introduces me to more than one band I'll be chasing down soon."
- Mike Woods, Foxy Digitalis

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