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Barefoot Hockey Goalie - "Fediks Butcher Shop"

Odds and, well, odds

Zappa-esque. Weezer-like. Bizarro. However you describe Barefoot Hockey Goalie, words pale next to the arch reality. As a follow-up to their debut, "Darius Ń A Rock Opera," the mad musical scientists have released "Fediks Butcher Shop," a collection of deranged ditties that will either tickle your funny bone or severely test your patience. For those willing to take the Hockey plunge, the fearsome foursome hosts a CD-release party tonight at the Casbah in Middletown. The five-hour Spreckels Organ Pavilion blowout starts at 2 p.m.

     - Karla Peterson, San Diego Union Tribune

An album like Barefoot Hockey Goalie's self-titled debut comes along only once in a great while. I've never seen anyone follow up something as bizarre as that with something as equally bizarre as this. Fedik's Butcher Shop is the strange tale of three (or four?) Estonian brothers who emigrated to this country. One becomes a butcher. Another becomes a holistic dentist. The third wants to be much, much smaller. The whole thing is presented as an operetta, in a well-arranged and creative style. Vocalist Fedik has a great, soulful voice, and the band is tight behind him as he sings about angels with shrinking powers, the superiority of Espa–ol and feeling fresh as a daisy. This is crazy, unexpected and a whole lotta fun in a very twisted way.

     - Jason Plender, Ink 19

When last we met BHG, they were about embark on an epic cross country journey in a U-Haul. They seem to have landed in a multi-cultural land of meat and happiness. Which is fine by us. A little bit of Zappa? Yes. A little bit of craziness? Most definitely yes. Yes, yes, yes. "daisy (fresh)" tied with "espanol is better".

     - CF, Lies Magazine

Brevity is a virtue, true, but some music rewards the listener who is willing to concentrate over a span of time. I don't mean hours or weeks in this case, I mean the five or so minutes in wach of BHG's truly fine stories spun out on his CD. For example: track , "Rejected Foreskin," a boy's foreskin, removed during circumcision, picked out of the trash by a genetic manipulator, cloned, an army is grown who roam the land blighting the landscape with identical graffiti. Or track 6: "Organ meat is the best kind of food to eat. In estonia we live to 100. Have some pancreas on a cracker stuff some head cheese into a bladder. "But these songs are not one line, gag, throw-aways. They are beautiful, haunting even. They are produced well enough to provide a perfect setting for the funny, sad, and sweet stories BHG seems to have in endless supply. This might be even better than their last disc, the eponymous "Barefoot Hockey Goalie." Please tour the whole country so we can see you.

     - Eliot Duhan, Carbon 14

Barefoot Hockey Goalie is not for everyone. For one thing, you have to concentrate when you listen to these guys. Their songs, many of which are integral parts of a rock opera, are simultaneously complex and silly. Their pattern (if two CDs establishes a pattern) is to dedicate about half an album to the "opera" and the other half to unrelated, stand-alone songs.

Fedik's Butcher Shop is the tale of three Estonian brothers who emigrate to America and open a butcher shop, only to find that one brother wants to be a shadow dancer, the other a holistic dentist, and that the other is six inches tall ("The Incredible Shrinking Estonian"). It's hilarious stuff and requires many listens to catch all the jokes, innuendoes, hints, and tangents.

The unrelated songs are equally engrossing, such as the epic "Rejected Foreskin Clone Army," in which the protagonist foreskin is stolen from a lab and cloned. The resulting army sprays graffiti all over the place: "Now they're coming to your neighborhood/They're gonna out graffiti on your house/You can tell it's the rejected foreskin clone army/Cause their graffiti all looks the same."

Without question, Barefoot Hockey Goalie is my favorite local band. Here's why: BHG took the time and expended the energy to create a vision, twisted though it might be. I appreciate and respect that, and wish more artists, musical or otherwise, would do the same.

     - Edwin Decker, SLAMM

There are really only a few things I can possibly say about the local San Diego band, Barefoot Hockey Goalie, and its new album from Accretion Records, Fedik's Butcher shop. It's ska, baby, and Barefoot Hockey Goalie is as funky as it wants to be.

In fact, if their very first track, "Daisy (fresh)," on Fedik's Butcher Shop doesn't throw you into near fits of giggles and general laughter, then you just don't got no soul. Furthermore, Fedik's Butcher Shop gives you a truly fresh perspective on such issues of the day as bilingual education, sex education, immigration and holistic dentistry.

It is extremely refreshing to see new bands taking a risk on such important, controversial issues early in their musical careers, where it could easily break them, and becoming actively involved in Fedik's Butcher Shop's very special way. Who says that the youth of today don't care about the critical issues?

Barefoot Hockey Goalie also takes great pride in their heritage and on Fedik's Butcher Shop, they proudly proclaim their immigrant status, as well as being down in the struggle with their black brother in the ska musical equivalent of Rap and Roll on their ethnic anthem " Fedik's Butcher."

The shop owners of Fedik's Butcher Shop are Fedik (lead vocals), Cedik (drums, percussion and back-up vocals), Christo (guitar, drill - yes, that's a drill - and back-up vocals) and their little brother, Medik (bass and back-up vocals). Medik is also licensed in the state of California to perform holistic dentistry. To find his local office, simply dial (800) - DENTIST and operator will be happy to give assistance.

So if you like your ska by the pound, let Fedik's Butcher Shop serve you and your friends a couple links of Estonia's best sausage, or how about a slab of "Coony Sam" instead? Either way, it'll be less painful than a root canal at Medik's. It's a $5 a tooth and the giggle gas is always free.

     - Reginald H. Fouche, USD Vista

You cannot just listen to these guys, you must experience them. They are a four piece (at times) from all over the greater California, that create and perform rock operas. Themes range from the journey of Estonian butchers coming to America to songs about Thomas Edison and lilies (yes, lilies). A show I vividly remember at

Higher Grounds Cafe in Santa Rosa, CA circa 1998? involved their lead singer in his oversized hockey boots and mask jumping off stage and running out onto the street (visible through the large storefront window) doing cartwheels and military tumbles in front of traffic only to return in S.W.A.T. fashion just in time to join in on the final riff.

     - WordPress

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