Damon Holzborn
0 Plural

catalog #: ARW007

Damon Holzborn - synthesizer

0 Plural is an exploration of a tightly constrained modular synthesizer patch centered around the Make Noise Strega. It is a return to longer form works after a decade of nearly obsessive focus on the short character pieces that comprise the Character Weekend and 1 Vox series as well as most of the Exquisite series (a collaboration with John O'Brien). Longer forms seem natural with the Strega; it encourages a slow luxuriation in its organic sound. My work is always a partnership between myself and my instrument, and the Strega takes that partnership to the next level — I think it's entirely possible that it is sentient.

About the Art

The cover art was made using Tentacle, an algorithmic drawing program developed by Damon Holzborn and Amir Hariri. Although Amir has collaborated with musicians before, this was the first time used the algorithmic controls of Tentacle to directly respond to music. The constraints of Tentacle corresponded well with the layered structure of Damon's music, especially since it enabled an artist-algorithm collaboration generating automatic abstractions that conceptually corresponded to the music. We look forward to future collaborations that more directly connect sound with the generative capabilities of Tentacle.

About the Editions

Damon and Amir have created a limited edition set of archival prints from the art for the cover and for each track. This collection consists of a 12”x12” (image dimensions) album cover on Epson Hot Press Bright paper with an edition of 7 prints. In addition, the collection also includes two 7”x7” (image dimensions) prints with an edition of 12, also on Epson Hot Press Bright paper, for each of the two songs, Sheep and Deer. Editions are printed by Brooklyn Archival in Brooklyn, New York and editioned, titled and signed on the verso by both Damon and Amir. Prints are available for purchase at Bandcamp.