Various Artists

catalog #: AlP073

35, our 35th anniversary compilation album, contains 9 tracks from Bill Horist, chihiro butterfly and H. Wakabayashi, Chu Makino (of Penelope), Damon Holzborn, Hans Fjellestad and Marcos Fernandes, Michael Dessen (with GE Stinson, Kaoru Mansour), Mike Pride, Noriko Kodama and Salmagundi (featuring members of The Argonauts, Melt and Wormhole). From acoustic to electronic, folk, rock, jazz and everything in between and beyond, 35 illustrates the wide spectrum of styles and sounds the label has come to embody.

The 12" vinyl LP comes with a download code for the digital version of the compilation which includes additional l tracks from The Argonauts, Donkey, Nathan Hubbard and Jason Robinson. You’ll also find other 35th anniversary merchandise on our Bandcamp page so please check it out.

Side A

  1. Kujirasan - chihiro butterfly, H. Wakabayashi
  2. Mimicry Ring (For Kumataro Ito) - Bill Horist
  3. The stone can answer - Michael Dessen, Kaoru Mansour, GE Stinson
  4. Shoot the Moon - Salmagundi

Side B

  1. Tobotobo - Chu makino
  2. Under the Voodoo Tree - Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad
  3. World Without Sadness - Noriko Kodama
  4. And So You Know - Mike Pride’s I HATE WORK
  5. Last - Damon Holzborn

Mastered by Shinji Kawase at Gumbo Studio.
Album art and design by Andrew West.
Liner notes by Mitch LeMay, KFJC.