Chihiro Butterfly
After 3.11

catalog #: ALP061

Chihiro Butterfly - vocals

Mastering engineer: Hiratsuka (North EYE studio)
Photography: Matthew Dunn.
Tracks 4 and 5 licensed from n5MD.
Tracks 7 and 8 produced by Ski Oakenfull and licensed from Primaudial Records.

After 3.11 is the newest offering from Chihiro Butterfly featuring collaborations with various artists from Europe and Japan, and compiled by Chihiro herself following the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011 that ravaged much of Eastern Japan including her hometown of Sendai. As she puts it: "After the 3.11 earthquake, I could no longer remain in the same frame of mind. Midst many unresolved issues, I wanted to deal with the situation in my own way and come to terms with it. Slowly moving forward, 5 years have since passed. I decided to make a forward-looking album with hopes for the future after 3.11. I also recommend it to anyone who is feeling frustrated."

  1. Sendai Hirose River's Edge feat. i am robot and proud
  2. Hana feat. Yosuke Fujimoto
  3. Coast of Barcelona feat. Experimental Feelings
  4. With Our Hands We Form Contact feat. Ruxpin
  5. Dandelions (For you) feat. Asonat
  6. That day feat. Ruxpin
  7. Hashya_Melodies feat. AYOTA (Produced by Ski Oakenfull)
  8. Peacocks feat. AYOTA (Produced by Ski Oakenfull)
  9. Warabimochi feat. H. Wakabayashi
  10. What Happened to What feat. H. Wakabayashi
  11. Yume feat. Kota Arai, Marcos Fernandes, Soo Jung Kae, Woon Jung Sim