Big Sur

catalog #: ALP028

Hans Fjellestad: analog & digital synthesizers, sampler, electronics
Damon Holzborn: guitar, sampler, electronics

They come, riding fog, thirsty mules. A new breed with eyes on their arms, moving like hungry hunters, not yet poised to sleep. Inspecting valleys, terrain shifts, ambitions of the electric. Boasting blades and breathing machines, with ivory handles, and sharp edges. "Hares and boars: targets for today."

"Retractable springs under hooves make it pooible to leap. Mechanisms are easily accessed through a panel resting between the mules' ears, modifications can be made while riding. Leaps cover a span of up to a mile, though these settings are reserved for skilled riders. Not recommended for beginners, or persons with heart conditions. Apt to crick."
Item Description - From the Mule's Box

Some say one could leap and touch clouds, all in the mule's diet and proper spring adjustment. Reports of mid-air flipping mules have come from various parts of the empire, and numerous accidents have been recorded. Leaping mules will not enter the woods.

by Manta Pux: Electropologist

Performing in such far-flung territories as California, the Pacific Northwest, Japan and Mexico, Donkey is keyboardist Hans Fjellestad and guitarist Damon Holzborn in a decade-long collaboration, exploring improvisation and noise art with an intensity just as capable of growling as it is signaling the landing of an alien spaceship.