Live in the Pit

catalog #: ALP071

Marcos Fernandes - phonographs, live sampling and processing
Lisle Ellis - electronics, bass
Robert Montoya - electronics

Recorded live at KFJC
July 20, 2003
Engineered by Morris Minor

Part of the archival live series, Live in the Pit documents mrlectronic’s "in studio/on air” performance at KFJC on their 2003 Southern California tour. On this excerpt from the first of two live sets performed at the Los Altos Hills radio station, the trio merges experimental electronica and improvisation to create their signature pulsebeat soundscapes rich in timbre and texture. Montoya and Ellis created intricate grooves on their laptops, the latter augmenting the sound with occasional bass and keyboard while Fernandes mixed in phonographs and sampled/processed the entire ensemble in real time. mrlectrobnic performed throughout SoCal and Tijuana between 2003~2006 and released two tracks, Amphibious and Zygote, on the Trummerflora’s Rubble 1 and 2 compilations.