The Wild Machinations II album cover

Marcos and The Wild Machinations
The Wild Machinations II

catalog #: ALP086

The Wild Machinations II is the follow-up to Marcos and The Wild Machinations' eponymous 2021 debut albun. Featuring 8 songs (five by Marcos Fernandes and three covers) revolving around the themes of direction and orientation (and of course, love), the collection offers observations on the capricious twists and turns of life and the meanderings of a lost people and a rudderless society.

As Fernandes explains, "while making this record, the song order for the album presented itself to me. It seemed to want to tell a story. I was thinking what it's about - what story it's trying to tell. It's pretty much rooted in the present. Not so much in the past or the future. Living, breathing, in the moment. Like a jittery news reel."

The Wild Machinations:
Marcos Fernandes - vocals, guitars, percussion, mellotron, phonography
Keikin Shu - guitars, vocals
Mitsuru Kotaki - keyboards, vocals
Yoshiharu Hiramoto - bass, vocals
Yuko Kitayama - drums
Sono Kaneko - vocals

Yoichiro Kita - trumpet
Sawa Iwasaki - trombone

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Shinji Kawase at Gumbo Studio. Additional recordings by Marcos Fernandes at West Valley. Thanks to Yukihiko Sugimoto for drum tech.
All songs by Marcos Fernandes except original lyrics for Nagare Ni Tatsu by Elizabeth Levett translated by Miho Yamazaki; Dancers In The Sun by Yoshihiro Hayashitani; Sora To Kumo by Katsutoshi Morizono/Yasuo Suematsu ; Rock And Roll by John Bonham/John Paul Jones/Jimmy Page.
Cover art and design by Kio Griffith.

Special thanks to Saiya Kawabe, Marina Midorikawa and Kyoko Kawamura.