The Argonauts

catalog #: ASP002

DB - guitar
Risa Takeda - keyboards
3 ch - bass
Marcos Fernandes - drums, vocals

with Etsuko "Kinubom" Kinuyama - trombone

Produced by The Argonauts.
Recorded by Miho Miura at Rinky Dink Studios.
Additional recordings, mixing & mastering by Shinji Kawase at Gumbo Studio.
Cover graphics by DB.

A special summer single from The Argonauts, Melody is a catchy, upbeat reggae song about life, love and music that rocks steady and invites you to skank and sing along.

Surf, dub and psychedelic rock provide the springboard for The Argonauts' sometimes bluesy, sometimes funky but always spontaneous and adventurous post rock blend.