catalog #: ALP062

Damon Holzborn: guitar, electronics
Nathan Hubbard: drums, frame, electronics
Marcelo Radulovich: bass, radio, electronics, guitar on track 9

In the days when one century turned into the next, a collective called Trummerflora was born in the seaside town of San Diego. This adventurous group of music makers came together to support each other and provide a fertile atmosphere for creativity in their community. Amongst this rubble were Marcelo, Nathan, and Damon. These three all had a love for sounds. They loved loud sounds and soft sounds (especially loud sounds). They loved big sounds and small sounds (even medium sounds). They loved electronic sounds and acoustic sounds (and both at once). They decided to join their love and share it with the world. This is a document of that time, rescued from the archives after more than a decade.

All tracks recorded in 2005 at Titicacaman Studio, except for tracks 2 & 12 recorded at DPH Studios.
Production and cover design: Marcelo Radulovich