Rubble 1

catalog #: A/C-201

Produced by the Trummerflora Collective and Marcelo Radulovich. An Accretions/Circumvention Music release.

Rubble 1 is a compilation featuring works by members and ensembles of the Trummerflora Collective, the group of independent music makers who have released over a dozen titles since their inception nearly four years ago. The Collective embraces the pluralistic nature of creative music as an important means of artistic expression for the individual and the community, and provides an atmosphere that nurtures the creative development of its members.

Like "No Stars Please" (Accretions, 2001) which showcased their various live work, "Rubble 1" presents creative music that shares a common aesthetic yet represents the diversity of the artists' backgrounds and influences ranging from rock, jazz, hip-hop and electronica to noise, soundart, experimental and improvised musics.

Damon Holzborn contributes a track from his upcoming solo release, Adams & Bancroft (Accretions), described as perfectly good field recordings mostly spoiled by electronic processing to create a sonic collage. Perfektomat is the main project of bassist Joscha Oetz. Perfektomat joins spoken word artists and some of San Diego's finest improvisers to realize Oetz's vision of hip hop open on all sides, unique cutting edge music with an emphasis on drum and bass. mrlectronic merges experimental electronica and improvisation to create pulsebeat soundscapes rich in timbre and texture. Source materials include samples, field recordings and electro-acoustic instruments. FTP Remix revisits Hans Fjellestad's Free Throw Prophet, an ensemble improvisation for bagpipes, woodwinds, percussion, church organ and basketball game performed and recorded in April, 2000. The track appeared on Fjellestad's Red Sauce Baby (Accretions 2000). This new remix focuses on the basketball game, the athletic and improvisative energy of the players, their movements and breathing, to take a listen to the guts of the piece. Nathan Hubbard's composition sundials II functions as a coda to the longer piece sundials I, as well as working as its own separate piece. Structurally it serves as an abstracted miniature piano concerto and allows the listener a brief moment of reflection. The performers involved are all important members of Hubbard's Skeleton Key Orchestra. Restlight is a collaboration between Marcelo Radulovich and japanese singer/songwriter Haco. Recorded, edited, processed and assembled at Titicacaman Studios, this piece has a way of cooly seducing the listener with a futuristic, storybook flow. Not afraid to fight over sonic territorry, Quibble creates an aggressive brand of electronic improvisation, while Robert M utilized a live performance by Hans Fjellestad and Lisle Ellis at the Spruce Street Forum as some of the source material for his track. 17th and Capp Revisited shows a recent incarnation of the critically acclaimed avant-jazz group Cosmologic. The piece, written by Jason Robinson, alludes to an intersection in San Francisco's Mission District and traverses a broad terrain of grooves, textures, and approaches to improvisation. Weller/Fernandes/Scholl's piece is a brief, acoustic exploration of mutually inhabited sonic space on guitar, soprano sax and small percussion. This improvisation is both moody and conversational, contemplating the point where one ends and the others begin. Titicacaman offers a stimulating cocktail of solid songwriting and intelligent lyrics; a refreshing sound which runs pop culture through a surrealist filter and extracts a creatively skewed product. On Big Sur (Accretions 2000), the duo Donkey experimented with live improvisation to multitrack on Crick. Soil is another stop along that particular road. Armed with an arsenal of percussive and electronic source material, Wormhole explores structured and open improvisation, soundart, beats and other sonic marvels of the 21st century.

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