catalog #: ALP043

Hans Fjellestad: synthesizer
Damon Holzborn: electronics

Living on opposite coasts the past few years, LA synth player Hans Fjellestad and NYC sound manipulator Damon Holzborn were mostly working on their various solo projects. Holzborn was building his software instruments and homemade hardware controllers while Fjellestad had returned his focus to analog synths and processors. (See Fjellestad's Snails R Sexy and Holzborn's Adams & Bancroft for more on that).

In summer 2006, they decided to come together and take Donkey out for a new spin. So the two set up a studio space at a remote ranch in central Mexico where each threw his latest independent research into the collective mix to hear what Donkey had to say about it. And Donkey said it was good. Time to go back to the city and show some folks.

Recorded live at The Stone in Manhattan's East Village, this is Donkey's third effort on Accretions and signals a new sound for the duo; dark, glitchy, dense, playful, harsh, loopy.