Greetings from Accretions!

2023 saw a steady stream of releases from mainstays Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad and Damon Holzborn then came to a trippy end with Shizka Ueda's debut a small sun. With both songs and improvisations, this yearend offering encapsulated the label's motto of sonic explorations. And so we continue the journey in 2024 as we await our 100th release (who and what will it be?) plus approach our 40 year mark (yes, we turn 40 in 2025). Becoming aware of these hallmarks makes us ever more grateful for the artists' resolute creative pursuits and your continued support over the years. thanks for listening!

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Latest Releases

Marcos and The Wild Machinations: The Wild Machinations II
CAT. #: ALP086
The follow-up to Marcos and The Wild Machinations' eponymous 2021 debut album offers observations on the capricious twists and turns of life and the meanderings of a lost people and a rudderless society.

Shizka Ueda: a small sun
CAT. #: ALP081
A folky avant-pop mind trip of original songs and improvised pieces.

Damon Holzborn: Variations A
CAT. #: ALP085
Seven variations on one modular synthesizer patch.

Damon Holzborn & John O'Brien: Even More Less Exquisite
CAT. #: ALP084
A selection of the tracks recorded ahead of the live sessions that produced More Less Exquisite.

Roger Aplon and Marcos Fernandes: Of What I've Seen
CAT. #: ALP070CD
This powerful and gripping new work by poet Roger Aplon and musician Marcos Fernandes, both a culmination of their decades-long partnership and a fresh new approach to their creative interplay, engages the listener with its immediacy and its myriad moods.

Hans Fjellestad: Squozen
CAT. #: ALP083
Analog electronic ambient glitch.

Damon Holzborn & John O'Brien: More Less Exquisite
CAT. #: ALP082
An evolution of the game developed for Exquisite Coast One and Two that takes a slower approach.

Damon Holzborn & John O'Brien: More Exquisite
CAT. #: ALP081
The new album in the series of synthesiser improvisations created using a game-based collaboration process that creates a tight set of technical constraints as an artistic challenge.

Damon Holzborn: 0 Plural
CAT. #: ARW007
A return to longer form works after a decade of nearly obsessive focus on short character pieces.

Hans Fjellestad: JUT
CAT. #: ALP079
Jutting out (in) with solo piano + live processing.

Hans Fjellestad: Virga
CAT. #: ALP078
Soundtrack for a heatwave.

Marcos Fernandes: _______SCAPE
CAT. #: ALP077
Music for Food-Landscape, an installation/performance by Maggie Shen.

Damon Holzborn: 1 Vox, Vol. 2
CAT. #: ARW006
The second set of single voice etudes that explore of the capabilities a small modular synthesizer.

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"Covering all grounds between free rock, sound art and free jazz, the label's devotion lies more in promoting and encouraging experimental music than confining itself to any narrow style."
  • François Couture
    All Music Guide

"Musicians who thrive on defying convention."
  • George Varga
    San Diego Union-Tribune

"What the hell is it with the Accretions label? As curators, they are incredibly discerning, assembling some of the most brilliant peripheral musics a consumer could hope for."
  • Marc Tucker

"Accretions is a sheer treasure trove."
  • Tobias Fischer