Greetings from Accretions!

2022 promises to be an exciting year for us with more from Damon Holzborn (both solo and Exquisite Coast with John O’Brien) and new work from Hans Fjellestad plus a long overdue release from Donkey. Expect follow-ups from Noriko Kodama and Marcos and The Wild Machinations as well as a collaborative effort by Marcos Fernandes and poet Roger Aplon.

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Latest Releases

Damon Holzborn: 1 Vox, Vol. 2
CAT. #: ARW006
The second set of single voice etudes that explore of the capabilities a small modular synthesizer.

Damon Holzborn & John O'Brien: Exquisite Coast Two
CAT. #: ALP076
The second in a series of albums of synthesizer improvisations created using a game-based collaboration process that creates a tight set of technical constraints as an artistic challenge.

Marcos and The Wild Machinations
CAT. #: ALP074
Six songs stretching across the spectrum of rock stylings past and present, penned by frontman Marcos Fernandes, heretofore better known as a percussionist/improviser.

Various Artists: 35
CAT. #: ALP073
Accretions' 35th anniversary compilation LP with 9 tracks from acoustic to electronic, folk, rock, jazz and everything in between and beyond, illustrates the wide spectrum of styles and sounds the label has come to embody.

mrlectronic: Live in the Pit
CAT. #: ALP071
mrlectronic merges experimental electronica and improvisation to create pulsebeat soundscapes rich in timbre and texture.

Jason Robinson and Eric Hofbauer: Two Hours Early, Ten Minutes Late: Duo Music of Ken Aldcroft
CAT. #: ALP072
Saxophonist Jason Robinson and guitarist Eric Hofbauer celebrate the duo music of the late Canadian guitarist Ken Aldcroft in a memorial album of sorts.

Damon Holzborn: Alternator I
CAT. #: ARW005
A continuation of the sonic explorations that started with Character Weekend and 1 Vox, Vol. 1 and and a hint at new directions.

Michael Dessen: Digibone Forest
CAT. #: ALP067
Digibone Forest carries the listener through an otherworldly soundscape created by Michael Dessen, a "slide-trombone virtuoso and computer musician of the highest order" (All About Jazz). Moving through a wide range of moods and spaces, the music is at once visceral, ethereal, playfully unpredictable and completely unclassifiable.

Noriko Kodama: Abyss
CAT. #: ALP069
Deep into the night before the twilight colors the sky, a song on the guitar quietly begins to glisten. Minimal, ambient, reminiscent even of lowercase, her solitary near silent folk music nestles up close and softly speaks to our varying moods.

Guitar is Dead: Guitar is Dead
CAT. #: ALP068
This album vents the musical aggression of three malcontent New Orleans musicians with blazing guitar solos, spiteful rants and ferocious riffs bridging the fed-up rage of punk and musical finesse of experimental jazz.

계수정sOo's collage: (John in the) Cage + Hazel
CAT. #: ASP004
A live performance of pieces by Soo Jung Kae and Nate Wooley recorded on October 21, 2018 at viaart gallery/Daedong Hotel on Jeju Island in South Korea.

Wormhole: Last Waltz
CAT. #: ALP066
Improvisation based on on a graphic score by Marcos Fernandes recorded live at Last Waltz in Tokyo.

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"Covering all grounds between free rock, sound art and free jazz, the label's devotion lies more in promoting and encouraging experimental music than confining itself to any narrow style."
  • François Couture
    All Music Guide

"Musicians who thrive on defying convention."
  • George Varga
    San Diego Union-Tribune

"What the hell is it with the Accretions label? As curators, they are incredibly discerning, assembling some of the most brilliant peripheral musics a consumer could hope for."
  • Marc Tucker

"Accretions is a sheer treasure trove."
  • Tobias Fischer