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Greetings from Accretions!

Thanks to your continued support, Accretions turned 30 in 2015! Yes, we have been engaged in our sonic explorations now for thirty years. 30 is our anniversary compilation featuring rare archival and early vinyl-only material, previously unreleased recordings plus previews of upcoming releases!

We've got more new releases in the works so please visit often and enjoy our continuing sonic explorations.

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Latest Releases

Ryan Choi: Three Dancers
CAT. #: CDALP-060
Ryan Choi blends baritone ukulele, percussion and electronics to create three highly kinetic, dense and intensely focused works.

Penelope: 50'51
CAT. #: CDALP-058
Irregular percussion loops and floating voices organically intertwine with noise emanating from turntable and electric bass. Quiet maneuvers by four improvisers.

Various Artists: 30
CAT. #: CDALP-059
30 is a compilation featuring rare archival and early vinyl-only releases, previously unreleased recordings and previews of upcoming releases.

Melt: Pure Melt
CAT. #: CDALP-057
Melt, the trio of guitarist Takashi Ueno (Tenniscoats), bassist Jyoji Sawada (Choro Club) and drummer Marcos Fernandes, create a distinctive sound often fueled by driving rhythms and rich harmonies informed by rock, techno, improvisation and world musics.

Hans Fjellestad: Sounding the Space DVD
CAT. #: AVD002
Percussionist Marcos Fernandes reconnects with his homeland by staging elaborate concerts in four historical buildings designed by his grandfather Uheiji Nagano (1867-1937) in Japan.

sroM: one
CAT. #: CDALP-056
In the debut album "one," sroM manipulates an arsenal of vintage analog synthesizers to create hypnotic textures within an altered sonic reality.

Nazo Zakkak: a pause by any other name
CAT. #: CDALP-055
A wholly unique album both in the fields of piano music and ambient music, a pause attempts to expand the definition of what we consider to be beautiful piano music.

Santiago Latorre: Eclíptica
CAT. #: CDALP-054
Santiago Latorre uses voice, saxophone and electronics to break you free of gravity, make you float and take you on a trip around the Cosmos.

Eric Glick Rieman: In My Mind, Her Image Was Reversed
CAT. #: CDALP-053
The sole instrument on this recording is Eric Glick Rieman's modified, prepared, and extended Rhodes electric piano.

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1996-2015 - accretions


"Covering all grounds between free rock, sound art and free jazz, the label's devotion lies more in promoting and encouraging experimental music than confining itself to any narrow style."
- François Couture, All Music Guide

"Musicians who thrive on defying convention."
- George Varga, San Diego Union-Tribune

"What the hell is it with the Accretions label? As curators, they are incredibly discerning, assembling some of the most brilliant peripheral musics a consumer could hope for."
- Marc Tucker, Progression

"Accretions is a sheer treasure trove."
- Tobias Fischer, Tokafi