Greetings from Accretions!

Our newest offerings are Damon Holzborn's Variations A and Even More Less Exquisite (with John O'Brien) plus Of What I've Seen, a powerful and gripping new work by poet Roger Aplon and Marcos Fernandes. Other recent releases include more from Damon Holzborn and John O'Brien's Exquisite series and a string of solo pieces by Hans Fjellestad, Damon Holzborn and Marcos Fernandes. Shizka Ueda debuts with a small sun in late November so stay tuned. And as always, thanks for listening!

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Latest Releases

Shizka Ueda: a small sun
CAT. #: ALP081
A folky avant-pop mind trip of original songs and improvised pieces.

Damon Holzborn: Variations A
CAT. #: ALP085
Seven variations on one modular synthesizer patch.

Damon Holzborn & John O'Brien: Even More Less Exquisite
CAT. #: ALP084
A selection of the tracks recorded ahead of the live sessions that produced More Less Exquisite.

Roger Aplon and Marcos Fernandes: Of What I've Seen
CAT. #: ALP070CD
This powerful and gripping new work by poet Roger Aplon and musician Marcos Fernandes, both a culmination of their decades-long partnership and a fresh new approach to their creative interplay, engages the listener with its immediacy and its myriad moods.

Hans Fjellestad: Squozen
CAT. #: ALP083
Analog electronic ambient glitch.

Damon Holzborn & John O'Brien: More Less Exquisite
CAT. #: ALP082
An evolution of the game developed for Exquisite Coast One and Two that takes a slower approach.

Damon Holzborn & John O'Brien: More Exquisite
CAT. #: ALP081
The new album in the series of synthesiser improvisations created using a game-based collaboration process that creates a tight set of technical constraints as an artistic challenge.

Damon Holzborn: 0 Plural
CAT. #: ARW007
A return to longer form works after a decade of nearly obsessive focus on short character pieces.

Hans Fjellestad: JUT
CAT. #: ALP079
Jutting out (in) with solo piano + live processing.

Hans Fjellestad: Virga
CAT. #: ALP078
Soundtrack for a heatwave.

Marcos Fernandes: _______SCAPE
CAT. #: ALP077
Music for Food-Landscape, an installation/performance by Maggie Shen.

Damon Holzborn: 1 Vox, Vol. 2
CAT. #: ARW006
The second set of single voice etudes that explore of the capabilities a small modular synthesizer.

Marcos and The Wild Machinations
CAT. #: ALP074
Six songs stretching across the spectrum of rock stylings past and present, penned by frontman Marcos Fernandes, heretofore better known as a percussionist/improviser.

Various Artists: 35
CAT. #: ALP073
Accretions' 35th anniversary compilation LP with 9 tracks from acoustic to electronic, folk, rock, jazz and everything in between and beyond, illustrates the wide spectrum of styles and sounds the label has come to embody.

mrlectronic: Live in the Pit
CAT. #: ALP071
mrlectronic merges experimental electronica and improvisation to create pulsebeat soundscapes rich in timbre and texture.

Jason Robinson and Eric Hofbauer: Two Hours Early, Ten Minutes Late: Duo Music of Ken Aldcroft
CAT. #: ALP072
Saxophonist Jason Robinson and guitarist Eric Hofbauer celebrate the duo music of the late Canadian guitarist Ken Aldcroft in a memorial album of sorts.

Damon Holzborn: Alternator I
CAT. #: ARW005
A continuation of the sonic explorations that started with Character Weekend and 1 Vox, Vol. 1 and and a hint at new directions.

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"Covering all grounds between free rock, sound art and free jazz, the label's devotion lies more in promoting and encouraging experimental music than confining itself to any narrow style."
  • François Couture
    All Music Guide

"Musicians who thrive on defying convention."
  • George Varga
    San Diego Union-Tribune

"What the hell is it with the Accretions label? As curators, they are incredibly discerning, assembling some of the most brilliant peripheral musics a consumer could hope for."
  • Marc Tucker

"Accretions is a sheer treasure trove."
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