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Latest Releases

The Argonauts: The Heat Is On
CAT. #: ASP003
A driving rocker that captures the explosive energy of the original foursome's stage performances.

The Argonauts: Melody
CAT. #: ASP002
A catchy, upbeat reggae song that rocks steady and invites you to skank and sing along.

Black Acid Arkestra: Sketches
CAT. #: ALP065
Textures such as effected trumpet, blistering sax solos, virtuosic bass lines, prog-rock guitar licks, classic rhodes keys and digital sampling all come together to create an other-worldly sound, a concise presentation of the weirder sides of jazz, simultaneously an homage to the past and a step into the future.

The Argonauts: Proxima b
CAT. #: ALP064
An EP featuring 3 spontaneous compositions that capture the more adventurous side of The Argonauts' live perforemances which often feature extended improvisational excursions into prog and space rock.

The Argonauts: Here Come The Argonauts!
CAT. #: ALP063
Surf, dub and psychedelic rock provide the springboard for The Argonauts' sometimes bluesy, sometimes funky but always spontaneous and adventurous post rock blend.

Quibble: Quibble
CAT. #: ALP062
Quibble displays their aggressive brand of electronic improvisation in these recordings unearthed from the archives.

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"Covering all grounds between free rock, sound art and free jazz, the label's devotion lies more in promoting and encouraging experimental music than confining itself to any narrow style."
- François Couture, All Music Guide

"Musicians who thrive on defying convention."
- George Varga, San Diego Union-Tribune

"What the hell is it with the Accretions label? As curators, they are incredibly discerning, assembling some of the most brilliant peripheral musics a consumer could hope for."
- Marc Tucker, Progression

"Accretions is a sheer treasure trove."
- Tobias Fischer, Tokafi